Rodrigo Alfonso Vásquez Salfate
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Chile
Casilla 653, Santiago
Correo electrónico:
Teléfono: 56-2-9787385
Fax: 56-2-2727363

My research comprises the analysis of behavioral and reproductive adaptations using the conceptual tools of ecology and evolutionary biology. In collaboration with colleagues and students, we focus on understanding phenotypic variation (sometimes extending our analysis to physiological and morphological traits) and its adaptive value in natural populations, and comprehending phenotypic responses to environmental stress and heterogeneity at local and geographic scales. Current ongoing research includes geographic variation in behavior and life history traits of forest birds (e.g., the furnariid bird Aphrastura spinicauda) and small mammals (e.g., the caviomorph rodent Octodon degus), genetic analysis, behavioral and immunological responses to habitat heterogeneity, environmental stress and parasitism, and intra-specific phenotypic variation (and its adaptive value) related to foraging, social, and reproductive behavior of vertebrates (small mammals and birds) and invertebrates (e.g., the cosmopolitan spider Zygiella x-notata). With the aim of assessing the ecological and evolutionary relevance of natural and human-induced stress factors, we expect to study the use of marginal habitats within a given species` geographic distribution, the influence of altitudinal and latitudinal climatic extremes, and the effect of UV-B radiation on reproductive behavior and immunocompetence of target species. A central theme refers to how organisms cope with predictable and unpredictable changes in the environment. Our research takes place in northern Chile (Huasco and Limarí valleys) to Patagonia (Tierra del Fuego and Cape Horn), and takes advantage of field stations in Chiloé (Senda Darwin) and Navarino (Omora Foundation) islands.

University of Chile, Licenciatura en Biología, 1989.
University of Chile, Magister en Ecología, 1992.
Oxford University, England, D.Phil., 1996.
University of Chile, Postdoctoral, 1996-1998.

Present academic positions:
Associate Professor, University of Chile.
Associate Investigator, Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (

Honors and prizes:
BBVA Prize in Conservation Biology Research, 2004.


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