Lohengrin Alexis Cavieres
Departamento de Botánica
Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanográficas
Universidad de Concepción
Casilla 160C, Concepción
Correo electrónico: lcaviere@udec.cl
Teléfono: 56-41-203846
Fax: 56-51-246005

My main research interest is the ecology and ecophysiology of plants in high mountain environments: I am interested in the functional adaptations that allow plants to survive in these extreme environments. My current research is concentrated in above-treeline habitats in the central Andes of Chile characterized by strong aridity during the growing season. In particular, I am interested in seed germination strategies, seed bank formation, the importance of positive interactions in the recruitment process, and the ecophysiological adaptations that allow survival of plant species under conditions of high solar radiation and low temperatures, as well as under simulated global change. My second research area is conservation biology. Because of the fast deterioration of our natural environments, detecting which sites in Chile have higher levels of plant biodiversity should be a priority. Further, since biological invasions are a current menace to our native flora, it is necessary to understand which environmental variables drive the expansion of invasive species.

University of Chile, Licenciatura en Biología, 1991.
University of Chile, Dr. Sc. in Biology, 1999.

Present academic positions:
Titular Professor, Department of Botany ,
of Natural Sciences and Oceanography Faculty, University of Concepción.
Associate Researcher, Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (
Affiliate Faculty Member, University of Montana, Missoula, USA.

Honors and prizes:
BBVA Prize in Conservation of Biology Research, 2004.
"Frontiers in Science", Chilean Academy of Science Program, 2004.
BIOS Chile, Chilean Biological Society Award to Outstanding Young Scientist, 2003.


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