Pablo Marquet
Departamento de Ecología
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Casilla 114-D, Santiago
Correo electrónico:
Teléfono: 56-2-3542639
Fax: 56-2-6862621

My first research interests lie in the areas of macroecology and ecological complexity. The main focus here is the search for the general principles that underlie the seemingly endless complexity, diversity and variability of ecological systems. Because of its synthetic character, our research is neither restricted to a particular temporal or spatial scale of analysis, nor limited to a particular level of ecological organization, thus encompassing phenomena in both ecological and evolutionary time scales and from local communities to continental and global biotas. What matters is the question and way ecological systems are approached. As in other branches of science, the search for general principles and invariants in complex systems takes the form of statistical regularities such as scaling relationships and power law distributions in ecological attributes. Our challenge is to explain their mechanistic basis and make predictions of unknown relationships. My second interest is in ecoinformatics and conservation biogeography. This research is focused on trying to apply ecological knowledge and available large-scale datasets to help inform conservation policy and management. Our main aim is to help provide the knowledge base needed to effectively preserve Chilean biodiversity through conservation planning tools associated with the design of protected area networks, gap analysis, niche modeling and analysis of biogeographic patterns than can help to understand the mechanisms behind the generation and maintenance of biodiversity, and the way it will be affected by global change.

University of Concepción, Licenciatura en Biología, 1987.
University of New Mexico, Ph.D. (Biology), 1993.
Catholic University of Chile, Postdoctoral fellow, 1994.

Present academic positions:
Full Professor, Catholic University of Chile.
Associate Investigator, Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity (
Principal Investigator, Center for Advanced Studies in Ecology and Biodiversity (CASEB).

Honors and prizes:
Graduate Student Achievement Award, University of New Mexico, 1993.
Outstanding Young Scientist Award, Biological Society of Chile, 1995.
Outstanding Paper in the Discipline of Landscape Ecology Award, U.S. Chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology.
"Frontiers of Science", Program, Chilean Academy of Sciences, 2004-2006.
Member of the Faculty of 1000.


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